Wednesday, 25 May 2016

25 May (Ong Jia Cheng)

Second Day (25 May, Wednesday)
  • What did you do today?
    • Briefly describe your day’s activities
I tested my robot, and it is a complete success. Then my group has an even complex map to work on for the robots to move properly and test our robots again. It was an epic fail this time.

  • What did you learn today?
I learn that coding with the basic languages isn't fun but it is also pretty cool to attempt to understand what went wrong when it went wrong.
    • Discuss any learning points from today’s activities
We learnt about the importance of helping each other as a team to achieve the maximum efficiency in the case of a complex task. We also used estimation and tons and tons of assumptions.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
It was tiring after a whole day of reading mathematical text to understand what went wrong but we encountered little bugs.
    • Describe how the project has affected your understanding of the discipline and how it may be applied elsewhere
We better appreciate how programming languages actually works as we figure out the complexity of the language, what functions do and how to avoid bugs altogether from syntax errors.
    • Share your insights for the day
We managed to work with each other and work as a team. It feels great to actually accomplish all that in one day.
  • What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
What programming language had we used that it is so hard? I still don't know.

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